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Septo Rhinoplasty

Improving the size and shape of the nose can be achieved through carrying out rhinoplasty or piezo rhinoplasty. When the functioning of the nose also needs addressing, REAL plastic surgery considers the use of septo rhinoplasty. Difficulties with breathing as well as concerns with the size and shape of the nose are commonly treated using this dual-purpose procedure. 

At a Glance

Treatment Time

Septorhinoplasty can take between 2 and 2.5 hours. We use a general anaesthetic and you can usually go home on the same day.

Reasons for Doing This

To improve the functioning of the nose, correcting difficulties with breathing. Surgeons can also reshape the nose.


10 - 14 days off work. Low level activities for around 3 - 6 weeks.

Sport & Exercise

Avoid strenuous activities and exercise for up to 6 weeks (avoiding contact sports such as football, hockey, boxing etc.)


Septorhinoplasty provides a permanent solution. If nose reshaping is also carried out, It can be combined with other surgical and non-surgical procedures to help rejuvenate the appearance and pause the signs of ageing.

Reasons to Avoid

If you have any doubts. Our team of experts will provide support and guidance all the way through your treatment journey; using the consultation to determine your suitability and your certainty.

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Real Plastic Surgery - Septo rhinoplasty

What to expect on the day

Your surgeon will determine whether the right approach is to make an internal or external incision or both. Through this incision(s) we can access the septum (the part that separates the nasal cavity), so we can remove and straighten the bone and / or cartilage.


Before closing any wounds, our surgeons can then work to sculpt the nose. Cartilage may be removed at the tip, bone may be shaved to reduce a noticeable hump or tissue may be trimmed internally to create a more desirable size or shape.

The nose will then be packed and a splint will be placed inside the nose to help the septum heal in a straight position. 

Showering after septorhinoplasty.

You may be able to shower the day after undergoing septorhinoplasty, however, we do advise that you keep the face dry for up to 1 week.  

Follow-up and aftercare.

We recommend that following the procedure you keep your head elevated when sleeping, you avoid blowing your nose and you avoid clothes that need to be pulled tightly over the head. 

Upon leaving the clinic we will arrange a follow-up appointment 1 week after the surgery, and you can expect the next appointment to be 6 weeks after surgery. We closely monitor your recovery and recommend when to resume certain activities (such as going to the gym) as your healing and recovery allows. 

What to expect on the day

Frequently Asked Questions

After the procedure the nose will have some swelling, and there will be bruising around the eyes and cheeks. This may take a couple of weeks to subside, however, the septum may not fully stabilise for around 3 – 6 months. This is when you can expect to see the improved shape of your nose, however some patients can continue to notice changes occurring for up to 1 year. 

Septorhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that provides a solution for both functional and aesthetic concerns with the nose. The surgery is carried out with the aim of providing a permanent result, but in some cases revision surgery is necessary when the full outcome has developed.

REAL plastic surgery considers the use of this procedure when people are affected by the following concerns: deviated septum, nasal valve collapse, nasal vestibular stenosis and dissatisfaction with the size or shape of the nose. A thorough consultation will assess your suitability for this procedure. 

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