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Deep-Plane Lip Lift

Thin lips due to ageing or genetics can be the cause of too much space between the base of the nose and the top lip. It is often a person’s personal preference to want this area of the face to be shorter, especially if they feel that it is causing an imbalance with the overall facial profile.

There are limits to what can be achieved, but in the right person, this procedure works really well, and can often be a good alternative to repeated filler injections.

At a Glance

Treatment Time

A lip lift usually takes up to 1 hour. We use a general anaesthetics and you can usually go home on the same day.

Reasons for Doing This

To reduce the visible space between the base of the nose and the top lip, often creating fuller looking lips.


You may find that you need to take things easy for a few days. The procedure may require you to take 10 - 14 days off work.

Sport & Exercise

Sports and exercise may need to be avoided for approx. 4 weeks.


In many cases only 1 procedure is required for long-term results.

Reasons to Avoid

If you have any doubts. Our team of experts will provide support and guidance all the way through your treatment journey; using the consultation to determine your suitability and your certainty.

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Real Plastic Surgery - Lip lift

What to expect on the day

Each procedure at REAL plastic surgery is adapted to suit the specific needs of the patient, and the individual approach that we’ll take will be explained at the consultation.

The procedure itself requires an incision(s) to be made either at the base of the nose, or at appropriate places in the lip area. Where we make cuts in the skin will depend on which parts of the lip are to be lifted, whether that’s around the middle of the lips, at the corners or a combination of both. From here we can remove some skin and tissues, and raise the top lip into the desired position. As with many other procedures available at REAL plastic surgery, this procedure can be used as part of a combination that works to improve the entire facial profile or rejuvenate an ageing appearance.

Showering after a lip lift.

As part of our aftercare we ask that patients who have undergone a lip lift are careful to keep all wounds dry following the procedure, so they can heal effectively. In this case, we would advise that you do not shower for around 48 hours.

Follow up and aftercare.

Recovery time following a lip lift is relatively short, compared to other surgical face procedures. Within 5 – 7days the mouth area may have significantly healed and you could feel comfortable enough to resume your usual daily activities. A final review will take place 6 weeks after surgery when we will assess your results.

What to expect on the day

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip fillers are less invasive than surgery, but the outcome is only temporary and will need to be repeated to maintain the results. In some cases a patient prefers to undergo a lip lift as the procedure can provide a natural looking result that improves both volume and definition – some people feel that lip fillers look artificial and don’t always create the defined outlines that are desired. 

Any surgical procedure will be performed with a degree of risk attached. Poor healing, bleeding, haematoma and infection are complications that will be discussed at consultation, but the risk is very low. Side effects may include: swelling, bruising and tenderness. 

Scarring usually goes largely unnoticed, once it has had some time to fade – which may take several weeks or months. Incisions are often made in the natural crease under the nose, within the nostrils or on the lips, which helps to conceal any scarring. 

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