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Many people express feeling unhappy with the way the eye area looks as they get older. Concerns such as: droopy eyelids, dark circles and under eye bags are usually the result of the internal changes that occur through natural ageing, which can contribute to the eyes developing a tired look. A blepharoplasty can often help make this area look refreshed.

At a Glance

Treatment Time

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty usually takes up to 1 hour. We use a local anaesthetic with sedation and you can usually go home on the same day. Lower eyelid surgery takes slightly longer and is often performed under general anaesthesia

Reasons for Doing This

To create a more youthful and refreshed appearance of the eye area.


You may find that you need to take things easy for a few days. The procedure may require you to take up to 2 weeks off work.

Sport & Exercise

Sports and exercise may need to be avoided for approx. 4 weeks.


In many cases only 1 procedure is required for long-term results. However, natural ageing will continue so you may want to review your appearance in some years to come.

Reasons to Avoid

If you have any doubts. Our team of experts will provide support and guidance all the way through your treatment journey; using the consultation to determine your suitability and your certainty.

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Real Plastic Surgery - Blepharoplasty

What to expect on the day

REAL plastic surgery can refresh the appearance of the eyes by performing a surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty. This type of surgery addresses the skin and tissues on the upper or lower eyelid to reduce the look of sagging skin.

The results can help to open up the eye area, as well as improving their functioning when sagging skin is affecting vision.

Our experts will tailor their approach according to your specific concerns. When addressing the upper eye, an incision is made in the natural crease of the eye – extending to the outer corner if this is necessary. For the lower eyelid, the incision runs beneath the eyelashes. Excess skin and fatty tissue can then be removed before tiny stitches are used to close the wound.

At the consultation we will decide whether blepharoplasty will treat the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or a combination of both. This procedure can also be carried out alongside other facial surgeries (such as neck lift, lip lift and face lift) for full facial rejuvenation.

Showering after blepharoplasty.

You can shower the day after surgery (but do not soak in a bath for 2 weeks or so). The paper tape dressings used, can get wet, and they will still stay in place nicely for a week. You dry them with clean tissue, or use a hairdrier on the cold setting, to help dry the area.

Follow up and aftercare.

REAL plastic surgery will make an appointment with you before you leave the clinic, 5 – 7 days after the procedure when we will assess your healing and remove any stitches. We will conduct another review 6 weeks after the surgery when the results are likely to be visible.

What to expect on the day

Frequently Asked Questions

While the eyes are healing we often advise to avoid wearing make-up. Depending on your healing, you may be able to start applying make-up around 7 – 10 days after the procedure. We also advise that you do not wear contact lenses for around 2 weeks.

The eyes will be swollen and bruised following the surgery. In very few cases a patient develops post-surgical complications which can include: infection, haematoma, poor healing and bleeding. Following our aftercare instructions will help to minimise the risks of further complications.

By placing the incisions in the natural creases of the eye, it helps to conceal any scarring. Once the scars have faded, many patients feel that they are barely noticeable. 

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